• Philip Stankovski
    Member, CEO and founder
  • Frode Thorsén
    Chairman, COO and founder
  • Peter Nilsson
    Member, Chairman of the board at Plotagon
  • Mattias Hemmingsson
    Member, Partner Manager Bonnier News
  • Terry Potter
    Alternate, Business Area Manager Bonnier News


  • Bjarne Schøn
  • Malin Ruijsenaars
  • Bengt Åkerlind


Find us

  • Stockholm
    Grev Turegatan 9
    114 46 Stockholm
  • Lund
    Lilla Tvärgatan 16A
    223 53 Lund
  • San Francisco
    615 Sansome St #300
    San Francisco, CA 94111

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