What is the job market like for your clients?

In specifically Jonkoping and the surrounding municipalities it is pretty positive, although a few has a tougher situation than others. At the moment it is improving for both white and blue collar workers.

What is the response from customers you talked to?

Positive, once they start using it. However, understanding, knowledge and support after using the tool is lacking. Overall though is is a very good tool that shortens the time of the career process.

If you would recommend Auranest, what would you say?

Let Auranest do the job for you! Job Search should be done with quality, so put your time where it is best utilized. Do not sit around and register at two hundred sites and drain motivation. In addition, you do not need to keep track of passwords and logins. You can work smartly and efficiently with the help of Auranest.

How do you think the labour market will change over the next 5 years?

The trend is that the labour market becomes increasingly mobile, and people will have to seek an increasing number jobs. We also have a dilemma where more people are less loyal and seek new opportunities at a higher pace. At the same time, we live in a globalized world where companies need to become more flexible, this will mean higher turnover than before to meet changes in the market but it also opens up the entire labour market to become increasingly mobile. The bottom line is that more people will need to seek more jobs and more will want to seek new challenges.