Why should I use Auranest?

Use your Auranest profile to register user accounts on hundreds of different job sites or send applications to thousands of jobs. All from a single platform. Auranest facilitates your job search and will help you discover what the labor market has to offer.

Why is it so important to appear on several job sites?

Appearing on several job sites, being exposed to the labour market increases chances that employers and recruiters will discover you and your profile. Auranest automatically creates user accounts on your behalf and ensure that your profile is up to date in real time.

Can I select which job sites I want to appear on?

Obviously, you choose which specific sites are important to you. You select yourself the sites that are relevant to you and Auranest connects your profile automatically with the push-feature.

If I already have an account with the same name, what happens then?

Auranest can not be connected to an existing account. Instead a new user account will be registered. This new user account is then connected to the tool and updated automatically every time changes are made to your Auranest profile.

Can I import my profile from a job site where I already registered a profile?

Unfortunately, most job sites prevent us from automatically export data that belong to the user.