General Questions

Where can I access my username and password for each of the jobs pages I linked to my profile?

Login user name and password for your pushed job sites are gathered together on the dashboard.

I have ideas for additional features for Auranest. How do I contact you?

We love your ideas and feedback to improve the tool. Send an e-mail to

Can you send job applications directly from Auranest?

Our goal is to make it able to apply for any job directly from the platform without being linked to another page. It is possible in many cases, but unfortunately in every case yet. If not, there is always a link to the source that takes you directly to the application portal. If you have linked your profile with the source using Push you can sign in with details that has been created, and can easily make an application. So it's almost like applying for the job directly from Auranest.


Do I need to push my profile to all job sites?

No, you choose which job sites you want to connect your profile with based on what suits your preferences will setting up the Push.

Can I check that my information is protected when I push?

It is you who decides where you pushes your data. Every site has its own rules for how they protect data. If you are learning more on how we at Auranest protects your data the information about our privacy policy can be found at the bottom of each page.

How often should you Push your profile?

We recommend that you push your profile regularly. This keeps your profile active and the profile will become more attractive and visible for recruiters, head hunters and employers. Push will automatically update all of your profiles every time you make adjustments to your information.

My applications

Can I print my cover letter?

You can download or print your cover letter and CV by choosing to save them as PDF and then print them.

Should I use a generic cover letter, or you can have several different ones depending on the job you are looking for

We suggest that you have both. We suggest you use a generic cover letter as your "primary cover letter". This will be attached when you Push your profile. Furthermore, we recommend that you customize your cover letters matching the ads when writing applications for specific positions.


Do I need to fill out the entire form?

You do not need to fill in the entire form, but we recommend users to do this to be able to connect you with so many job sites as possible. Various job sites request various types of information, which is also the reason why the profile is so extensive.

Is it possible to import/retrieve data from another source?

Unfortunately we have no way to retrieve information from other sources in the current situation. This is something we are working to implement. At the same time, you do not have to worry about filling out more forms once you register on Auranest.